This MUST Be Fake – eBay Intel Extreme Edition CPUs d fake technology

by alsaCEMusic

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We stumbled upon some supposedly “new” Intel Extreme Edition CPUs on eBay for massive discounts, which begs the question, where are they coming from?

Buy Intel i9-7980XE CPU
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Buy Intel i9-7960X CPU
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This MUST Be Fake - eBay Intel Extreme Edition CPUs

This MUST Be Fake – eBay Intel Extreme Edition CPUs

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This MUST Be Fake – eBay Intel Extreme Edition CPUs
d fake technology
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Graphics Card 27/12/2021 - 6:03 Chiều

0:14 “hello! I’m a little scam”

I totally fell down and lost it 🤣

Ken Morris 27/12/2021 - 6:03 Chiều

Linus, you rock. Thanks for the review….

no just no 27/12/2021 - 6:03 Chiều

my gf got a new gaming laptop for Christmas, and it's faster than my desktop. So not to be out done I pulled the trigger on a Ryzen upgrade…

Subii 27/12/2021 - 6:03 Chiều

I mean, its pretty obvious they failed QC. These are all chips that didn't pass inspection. They all typically work, they just have some minor damage .

GAME BEAST 27/12/2021 - 6:03 Chiều

can i buy one from you😅

CHITUS💙⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ 27/12/2021 - 6:03 Chiều

Yes, these would be great in a home server, so it'd be great if you could fill in their power consumption at idle and under load, compared to Ryzen and also elaborate more on the available MOBOs and the PCI-e expansion they offer at different price-points….

Jared F 27/12/2021 - 6:03 Chiều

When i was a welder, i would make 2 dozen welds. on the 25th weld, i would weld the item, and then i would put the weld under an endurance test until it broke the weld. to test if my welds were consistent and met standards. its possible that the manufacturing plant may voluntarily damage a certain percentage of their products to test reliability.

Technos pc gaming, 27/12/2021 - 6:03 Chiều

Can u do one video like this for amd as well

Jesse Christensen 27/12/2021 - 6:03 Chiều

I once had a random order delivered to my workplace. I opened the unknown recipient mail. Had a CPU in it from ebay. The model number was scratched out though. The order slip said it was for some mid range chip (this was a few years back so I can't remember details too well). I did some research and found out it was a cheap one from like 5 years prior. I could never find the buyer but I had the order number and seller. I told ebay what I found and the seller is running a scam.

Ahmad Naim 27/12/2021 - 6:03 Chiều

is board made by small living things?

Dr Covid Omicron 27/12/2021 - 6:03 Chiều

better sell my predator rtx i7 9gen fast.

Kristen Moon 27/12/2021 - 6:03 Chiều

My guess would be that they're units that were faulted during manufacturing. Think of them as bang and dent, but the bang and dent really is something to eyeroll at.

Hayden Rogin 27/12/2021 - 6:03 Chiều

Why at 3:37 is Linus holding that little micro Switch controller?

Zeek M 27/12/2021 - 6:03 Chiều

You still don't get it do you Lambo. Phuck Intel.

Bertram Raven 27/12/2021 - 6:03 Chiều

I have just bought a Dell R620, 128Gb RAM, 6 x 1TB SAS drives, and 2 x E5-2690 v2 for £90 – all "seller refurbished". They were all new in box. Great for a homelab. In this case, it is going in a data-centre as a build server. All in all, an excellent buy.

desdejapon 27/12/2021 - 6:03 Chiều

After watching the video, I decided to buy an I9 7940x, everything is completely true, I am happy with my new cpu, thanks LTT …

matenemeth85 27/12/2021 - 6:03 Chiều

10:32 MF BARS🙏🔥

Broad caster 27/12/2021 - 6:03 Chiều

Maybe just ask where they come from…

Hydro Tsunami 27/12/2021 - 6:03 Chiều

$70 pillow…..LOL

TheSkepticSkwerl 27/12/2021 - 6:03 Chiều

These are phenomenal for home servers like labs. But also can have more jobs. Throw esxi type stuff on it and run 10 servers in 1. Make it your DNS server, firewall, labs for college, Plex and so on.

Southern Star 27/12/2021 - 6:03 Chiều

I don’t know much about computers, I’m trying to learn. I game with a iPad series 6 on mobile data, I’m upgrading to latest iPad mini & broadband wifi. Hopefully it will improve my lagging during fast gameplay.

Feer O 27/12/2021 - 6:03 Chiều

Im guessing they are genuine from intel but those dents created during production is the reason why theyre cheap.

Steve Lovelace 27/12/2021 - 6:03 Chiều

Do you think there's a market for selling scam tech on eBay, with your intended market being YouTube reviewers?

ManedWolfMonarch 27/12/2021 - 6:03 Chiều

Wait I thought the i9 just came out recently… how can they be discontinued already?

Amirsalar Motalebi 27/12/2021 - 6:03 Chiều

I know the answer: someone's picking then out of the trash or sneaking them out of the Fab in their shoe or something, hence the scratches

Jesper Valentin 27/12/2021 - 6:03 Chiều

104.910th like 🙂

AstroSkies 27/12/2021 - 6:03 Chiều

anyone else see linus spit when he siad "CHEAP"???

dogielow 27/12/2021 - 6:03 Chiều

Imagine pluging it in and you hear from case HELLO JUR KOMPIUTER HAS A VAJRUS

Scrypher 27/12/2021 - 6:03 Chiều

18 Cores = NSA would be proud. 😂

Christopher 27/12/2021 - 6:03 Chiều

"all my years of assembling pcs"……..what years….you are barely outta diapers.

Christopher 27/12/2021 - 6:03 Chiều

You didn't buy shit……the canadian taxpayers did………did you buy this out of the wages you pay yourself……nooooooo you did not… are putting this under your biz and you will claim it as an expense in your taxes. So please at least have a few manners and say we bought.

stevan largacha 27/12/2021 - 6:03 Chiều

Sponsor on a sponsor…. Nice

Zeek M 27/12/2021 - 6:03 Chiều

Origin technically owes me a refund on 3 games that are broken or out right not supported anymore by them.
That business model is very common these days and back lash is on the way.

F4rozen_ 27/12/2021 - 6:03 Chiều

Please don't test csgo anymore which can even run on potato pc lmao try warzone or any other new gam like far cry 6

romualdo agliam 27/12/2021 - 6:03 Chiều

im crying rn bcs i dont have a pc and yet im still watching pc vids and now im crying more

marino krajina 27/12/2021 - 6:03 Chiều

400 dolars for a little square is cheap?

Hotcakes 27/12/2021 - 6:03 Chiều

Woah, just saved $$$ upgrading my X99 chipset (5920K) to a 6th gen CPU (6950X). Even my new 5th gen + this 6th gen together is $1k less than the 6950X was at launch. Will be bookmarking this seller.

Tim Thomas 27/12/2021 - 6:03 Chiều

Why pay $400 for a crappy Intel chip and $200 for the motherboard when I can get a Ryzen 5 3600 that's going to perform better for half that, and get an am4 motherboard for around $100.

Sreehari Jayadas 27/12/2021 - 6:03 Chiều

So what are these ?
Why on earth are they so cheap??
And where do they come from …….
And who is our spons-Skip skip skip skip

Radovan Jovanovic 27/12/2021 - 6:03 Chiều

The pre video ad was alibaba🤣

Gamerlul1 27/12/2021 - 6:03 Chiều

Hey Linus you forgot to include the core count of the Amd thread ripper 9:00

moetop 27/12/2021 - 6:03 Chiều

Factory seconds (Blems) (Blemishes).

Bijan Moradi 27/12/2021 - 6:03 Chiều

Whelp you can't find them for this price anymore. 7980 is now 800$ used on eBay 🙁

·Im·~·Paly· 27/12/2021 - 6:03 Chiều

So mom this is the cheap one the "school" said to buy this

Kai-Even 27/12/2021 - 6:03 Chiều

Dosent like a NASA cpu have like over 400k cores? Correct me if I am wrong

YaboiDavey 27/12/2021 - 6:03 Chiều

Wonderful part about fakes made in China…… you CANNOT sue a Chinese company from outside of China. Their government doesn't allow it. So they can literally produce an INTEL product without so much as a small difference and never have to go to court for plagiarism or licensing. I've bought dewalt batteries from China that look nearly the same as the real thing and even say dewalt on them. My wife has a Chanel bag with a fake certificate of authenticity and dust bag…..

Bradlifer 27/12/2021 - 6:03 Chiều

I feel like they are rejects at final inspection, then tested for discounted sale

Bill Cosby 27/12/2021 - 6:03 Chiều

$1000 out of this video is nothing, be real linus

Booo Society 27/12/2021 - 6:03 Chiều

Didn’t see it on eBay for low price at all…


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