The END Of Digital Marketing Agency… (& SMMA) digital marketing agency

by alsaCEMusic

The END Of Digital Marketing Agency… (& SMMA)
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Start A Digital Marketing Agency 👉
Instagram Ads For Beginners 👉
Facebook Ads For Beginners 👉
Facebook Pixel Tutorial 👉
Make Money With Facebook Ads 👉
How To Start A Digital Marketing Agency 👉
$0 – $10k/Mo Marketing Agency 👉
Top 3 Facebook Ads for Realtors 👉

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The END Of Digital Marketing Agency... (& SMMA)

The END Of Digital Marketing Agency… (& SMMA)

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The END Of Digital Marketing Agency… (& SMMA)
digital marketing agency
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Jason Wardrop 28/01/2022 - 3:22 Chiều

Want to convert to this new model?? Get Started Here 👉

David Moabelo 28/01/2022 - 3:22 Chiều

need to start a new smma bus where do we start

DonnyBRZ 28/01/2022 - 3:22 Chiều

What do you think of a digital marketing agency that runs a combination of both styles so it fits any and every business whatever their financial or their time status is

Max Anthony 28/01/2022 - 3:22 Chiều

As a marketer, pls think from my perspective: I have just found your channel through this video, where you are trying to convey the message that there is a new business model. Meanwhile, you keep saying “software” without even mentioning what kind of software is that, that would be able to substitute you as a marketer. So all I have after watching the video, as a first time viewer is everything but clarity.
What software are you talking about? Why is it valuable for the client?
Sorry, but I’m just confused…

Ray Finkle 28/01/2022 - 3:22 Chiều

Bro, I literally clicked over from your other video that says if you charge them $1.5k/mo and they are making $9k/sale, then the deal is a no brainer for both. I was all excited. Now you must not be fulfilling on the 4 of 5 clients in this video since they are dropping after 3 months. All you'd have to do is get them 1 sale in 3 months to break even.

Sounding like your last video might have been a bit hypey, or you are promoting this new model as a way to make more and do less. Doesn't sound results driven tho. I think you're going a bit crazy promoting too many courses and now contradicting your past advice.

Chance Grows Biz 28/01/2022 - 3:22 Chiều

Then the client is stuck with software they don't know how to use correctly. The Saas wouldn't generate as much income as the TaaS. I could be missing something.

Infoserv Freecourse 28/01/2022 - 3:22 Chiều

I might want to make use of your services in future. How do I get hold of you?

Darius Tan 28/01/2022 - 3:22 Chiều

Bottomline: always learn to upgrade your strategy and systems. And find what works best for you. 💯

Epic Stuff 28/01/2022 - 3:22 Chiều

please do say how can we create software? what is the point of hiring others if software does all the work for us?

Mark Diodate 28/01/2022 - 3:22 Chiều

Hey Jason! I’m very interested in hiring you to help coach my agency. Is that something you offer?

Jeff Thompson 28/01/2022 - 3:22 Chiều

Great idea!

Dominic Baptist Dominic 28/01/2022 - 3:22 Chiều

Shoutout SaaS mode! Just got my third client signed up today🤘🏼

Michael Jennings 28/01/2022 - 3:22 Chiều

👍 Great point!!!

Polymath 28/01/2022 - 3:22 Chiều

I can’t accept this. GHL is an amazing tool, but the way you’ve promoted it as if it serves as life support for digital marketing is disingenuous. It doesn’t make sense. GHL white label is simply a passive, secondary income stream. Digital marketing is not old or outdated, and GHL is not a digital marketing service. It’s simply a tool for digital marketers and contains features that benefit business owners, which is valuable enough for them to invest on a rolling subscription. That’s it. If GHL offered comprehensive digital marketing services (i.e. SEO, PPC, etc) and automated it, your video title would make sense. But it doesn’t, and hence your video title is blatantly misleading.

Moises Serrano 28/01/2022 - 3:22 Chiều

Like it👍

Justice for CarryMinati 28/01/2022 - 3:22 Chiều

Stop selling a Software for a couple of $$ as referral amount and blind faithing agency owners.

Anthony Farrelly 28/01/2022 - 3:22 Chiều

How does the saas get them better results? What if the person running their ads and campaigns isn’t good? They just have access to our ghl software that isn’t going to get results?

Seems kinda of click bait

Acesiz Official 28/01/2022 - 3:22 Chiều

Definitely not


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