Talking Blockchain, NFT, Crypto, Metaverse With Bibek Koirala technology channel

by alsaCEMusic

In this video, we will talk about trending technology blockchain, metaverse, crypto, metaverse, nft, etc. You will get lots of information from him.

Timestamp For Blockchain Special video:

00:00 – 01:05: Introduction and Welcome
01:05 – 04:26: Daily Schedule of Bibek Koirala, Background, College
04:26 – 12:46: Journey to Blockchain Developer
12:46 – 15:19: What is Blockchain Nepali
15:19 – 18:15: Is Blockchain Hackable?
18:15 – 20:53: How to Become Blockchain Developer?
20:53 – 22:12: How to Find Scope In Blockchain?
22:12 – 31:26: Uses of Blockchain
31:26 – 34:05: Blockchain Future
34:05 – 39:34: NFT & Metaverse
39:34 – 40:17: Relation of Blockchain With Metaverse
40:17 – 42:54: About NFT Booming
42:54 – 49:53: Is NFT Legal In Nepal and Future?
49:53 – 50:00: How to Earn From Blockchain?
50:00 -53:12: Disadvantage of Blockchain
53:12 – 59:22: Life, Success, and Conclusion

Watch What is Blockchain In Nepali:

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Talking Blockchain, NFT, Crypto, Metaverse With Bibek Koirala

Talking Blockchain, NFT, Crypto, Metaverse With Bibek Koirala

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#Talking #Blockchain #NFT #Crypto #Metaverse #Bibek #Koirala
Talking Blockchain, NFT, Crypto, Metaverse With Bibek Koirala
technology channel
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Paw-1 Poudel 22/01/2022 - 3:48 Chiều

Dai plese flutter or ReactNative😩

Bibek Subedi 22/01/2022 - 3:48 Chiều

Dai i need your help to have a mastercard🙏

Bhola Innovator 22/01/2022 - 3:48 Chiều

It's Really Informative Video.Thank you so much both of you. Next topic more details on BLOCKCHAIN, CRYPTO and EXCHANGES. GREAT and keep it up 🙏👏

Abhishek Thapa magar 22/01/2022 - 3:48 Chiều

Blockchain nepal ma illigal xa nrb bataw Ani kasari company aayo bitsewa Lai case pareko xa 4years bhayo band bhako

Mashivka gaming 22/01/2022 - 3:48 Chiều

Computer ma nepali typing kasari garna yesko barama video garununa

TAMONG gamer 22/01/2022 - 3:48 Chiều

Daii please algorithm ra flowchart ko barema auta vedio banaidinuna please ..YouTube ma clear gari bujayeko vetena please tapaile yesko barema auta vedio banaidinuna

Dhiraj sharma 22/01/2022 - 3:48 Chiều

Thanks 👍

Subash Sapkota 22/01/2022 - 3:48 Chiều

Nepal cannot legalize Crypto because it will help in money laundering and hiding black money. as well as it will deplete foreign reserves leading to inflation. The first thing Nepal needs to do a lot is digitalized Nepal and develop a digital tax system with personal numbers so the government can track every financial activity and can bring people under the tax system. For now, the crypto market is volatile and Nepal or many governments cannot risk their foreign reserve losing their control.

Ghumna jau 22/01/2022 - 3:48 Chiều

Bro i need your help
mero facebook disabled bhayo can you fix my account ? please 😭 id on bhayo vanya hajur lai kei help pani garchu please please

Ujjwal Basnet 22/01/2022 - 3:48 Chiều

Thanks ☺️

Heat blast 22/01/2022 - 3:48 Chiều

tell us about hedera hashgraph, it is more secure than block chain technology

STmin Bista 22/01/2022 - 3:48 Chiều

It would have been very helpful if you could mention Bibek Dai's social account handles.

Pranil Chhetri 22/01/2022 - 3:48 Chiều

Great bibek Vai🥰

rosan lamichhane ( FACT FACTOR ) channel 22/01/2022 - 3:48 Chiều

thank you sir

samir oli 22/01/2022 - 3:48 Chiều


Ramkumar Rayamajhi 22/01/2022 - 3:48 Chiều

Bibek sir ko thama ma ma pani basnr man xa kunai 1din!!! My dream ho yo❣

upahar timsina 22/01/2022 - 3:48 Chiều

thank u for making this channel ❤️🤝

Krishna Tumkhewa 22/01/2022 - 3:48 Chiều

Ajha sama ni brave use garyachhaion😆😂😂

Yeti Vlog and Guide 22/01/2022 - 3:48 Chiều

Thank you daju for this content ❣️

BIbek Humagain 22/01/2022 - 3:48 Chiều

hi bibek here
interested in nft,blockchain,metaverse…..

EDUTECH 22/01/2022 - 3:48 Chiều

Best thing that i got : If you are worried and the problem is solvable then why are you worried Also if you are worried and the problem is not solvable then why are you worried
Note: Don't be worried.

Angela Neupane 22/01/2022 - 3:48 Chiều

nice 👍

Cyber Nepal Army 22/01/2022 - 3:48 Chiều

59 minute ko video 20 min ma kasari maile khatam gareee? Guess how

Creative World 22/01/2022 - 3:48 Chiều

Thank you 😊 Sir

startup nepal 22/01/2022 - 3:48 Chiều

bibek ji lai bhetna kasari painx?

Ispandan Yt 22/01/2022 - 3:48 Chiều

Nice dada

Geeta Pandey 22/01/2022 - 3:48 Chiều

Keep it upp babuu bibekkk

Kabita Thapa 22/01/2022 - 3:48 Chiều

NFT ko account kholera upload matra garna mil6 ki nai?

Ritesh Baral 22/01/2022 - 3:48 Chiều

Good to see you there Bibek dai🔥

Helios Aditya 22/01/2022 - 3:48 Chiều

Awesome. Thank you for bringing this. Both of you are awesome.

Hari Sharma 22/01/2022 - 3:48 Chiều

Thanks for adding trending topic.

Min Bahadur Chalaune 22/01/2022 - 3:48 Chiều

सर यसको बारेमा account खोल्ने देखी सो ac को सुरक्षा सम्मको पूरा जानकारी दिनु पर्यो video हेर्दाहेर्दै अँखा दुखिसक्यो जहिले video आउँछ केबल फाइदा बेफाइदा र leagel हुन्छ कि हुदैन भन्ने कुराको ।।जहिले भिडियो पोस्ट गर्नुहुन्छ theorytical kurako tr practical video kahile ni post garnu hudain ……so sarhai dukhi xu sir….🙏🙏🙏💙💙💙

Rajkumar oli 22/01/2022 - 3:48 Chiều

Thank you dai for useful information ❤️❣️❤️

Technical News 22/01/2022 - 3:48 Chiều

Sir big fan

Subarn Shahi 22/01/2022 - 3:48 Chiều


Satya Prakash Pandit 22/01/2022 - 3:48 Chiều


Kshitiz Adhikari 22/01/2022 - 3:48 Chiều

Dai yo Nepal kaile lligal hunxa ??

Sameer 22/01/2022 - 3:48 Chiều



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