How To Create An Online Course For FREE 2021 (Make Money Online) make money online course

by alsaCEMusic

A lot of millennials became millionaires by selling their online courses. And that can be our story too. So in this video, we’re going to talk about how you can create your own online courses for free.


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0:00 Millennials becoming millionaires by selling online courses
0:31 Step 1
1:54 Launching YouTube Growth Online Courses
2:37 Step 2
4:32 Step 3
5:42 Step 4
7:24 Step 5

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Hi, I’m Jade Choi. I’m just an ordinary millennial who wants to become a millionaire by make money online challenge!

On this channel, I will be documenting my progress, trying out different ways to earn online money, and sharing my results with you. This channel is for people who want to escape 9 to 5 jobs like me and make cash flow to achieve financial freedom!

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How To Create An Online Course For FREE 2021 (Make Money Online)

How To Create An Online Course For FREE 2021 (Make Money Online)

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How To Create An Online Course For FREE 2021 (Make Money Online)
make money online course
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Justbeluv 29/01/2022 - 4:53 Chiều Reply
Glendy Corchado 29/01/2022 - 4:53 Chiều

Thank you for this information. I have never heard of making money selling online courses and then I did some research and nothing was useful but your explanation was very helpful. Hope I can create a helpful and successful online course. 🤞🏼

WKrich Million Euro 29/01/2022 - 4:53 Chiều

Thank you.

Affirm Better Beliefs - Manifest Your Best Life! 29/01/2022 - 4:53 Chiều

Your videos were recommended to me at just the right time! 👍🏾

Mark Tunac 29/01/2022 - 4:53 Chiều

Jade, your videos are fantastic! They are very thorough and may take you step by step or I should say crawl by crawl in my case because I’m crawling😂 I appreciate how thorough you are.🙏🏽🤙💪🙌 Please keep up the good work or expression say keep up the excellent work

Jade ASMR 29/01/2022 - 4:53 Chiều

I want to make my online courses! 💪🔥

Code Space Nerd 29/01/2022 - 4:53 Chiều

Saw your comment on make money Matt channel and decided to check I subscribed love seeing aspiring people

MrNewton Social BEE 29/01/2022 - 4:53 Chiều

Thank you

PHILANDES WILLIAMS 29/01/2022 - 4:53 Chiều

Yeah, I'm still watching!……………………………………..

SWARNA BHARATHI M U 29/01/2022 - 4:53 Chiều

Hey jade! 😁

Miss Relaxed 29/01/2022 - 4:53 Chiều

You are so talented ! I love the fact that you created this whole online course so easy ! There are so many topics to choose from like youtube growth, Instagram growth ! You just explained it so well! I love your very put together video.

Time2teach Live Podcast 29/01/2022 - 4:53 Chiều

Thank you. This is very helpful. I will check out Loom

Oasis Channel 29/01/2022 - 4:53 Chiều

Thanks this was very helpful

Stock Investment Analysis 29/01/2022 - 4:53 Chiều

Very interesting! I am always looking for new ways to build additional streams of income. Thanks for the video!

min moon 29/01/2022 - 4:53 Chiều

Thanks to to your advice i created my channel thank you!

StrongPear 29/01/2022 - 4:53 Chiều

so good!!!❤❤❤

Joly Tematio 29/01/2022 - 4:53 Chiều

Love how you reverse-engineer the zero to hero journey in order to create your course. I definitely used the same approach for my mentorship program.
New here and loving your content Jade. Subbed

Vincent Santiago - Street Art & Motivation 29/01/2022 - 4:53 Chiều

Appreciate the video this make things very simple and easy to create 🙏🏽

RITA BENJAMIN TV 29/01/2022 - 4:53 Chiều

Hi Jade discovered you from Annie's channel so I decided to drop by to show my support I literally love everything about your channel so I subscribed
Just finished watching your video about how you got your first 1000 subscribers you are a genius
I will really appreciate you could support me thank you

Kunal Kumar 29/01/2022 - 4:53 Chiều

I am from India 🇮🇳❤️ you deserve million subscribers on you tube. You do hard work for make this video 🤠, keep it up sister ❤️

B Gents Ja 29/01/2022 - 4:53 Chiều

I can’t wait for you to make it. Thanks for sharing!

Grow with Will - Level Up Your Business Skills 29/01/2022 - 4:53 Chiều

Love Loom. Great platform.

Anthony Cotter Finance 29/01/2022 - 4:53 Chiều

Super informative! Great video Jade. You are definitely on your way to a Millennial Millionaire. Definitely some tips I will be taking into making a course.

Rodel Punongbayan 29/01/2022 - 4:53 Chiều

Nice again. Good day

Jazmin Bautista 29/01/2022 - 4:53 Chiều

#onlinecourses! Awesome video right here keep it up mate

Arrogant Knats BCN 29/01/2022 - 4:53 Chiều

"Trust in dreams, for in them is hidden the gate to eternity."

Jake Reehl 29/01/2022 - 4:53 Chiều

I just finished making a course in Powerpoint. I have wanted to do it since 2015. It's kind of a dating course and helps to build self-improvement and have a better state of mind. It's in the relationships niche, which means it's an Evergreen niche and will always work, (health, wealth, and relationships are the Evergreen niches). I have to edit the course still and add some more pictures, do voice-over, etc. and then add it to my blog. Then comes SEO and marketing. Good stuff Jade!

Anton Kieu 29/01/2022 - 4:53 Chiều

Excellent excellent job
Happy for your success
Your a good example for all to keep going 👆

Alexis Marcelo / Financial Freedom 29/01/2022 - 4:53 Chiều

So inspiring!

Desire Poem 29/01/2022 - 4:53 Chiều

Great video !

Money Talks 29/01/2022 - 4:53 Chiều

Thanks for your very helpful video👍

Aritra Roy 29/01/2022 - 4:53 Chiều

I have to recommend a step 1.5: Don't plagiarize from other people when making your course, use your own experience. As an example, I've never been overweight, but I did have a junk food addiction. So, instead of plagiarizing actual stories of weight loss, I can take my experience with stopping my junk food addiction and market that in the weight loss niche. This will be infinitely more genuine to the audience than taking expert weight loss advice and altering a few of the words

Scott Edward 29/01/2022 - 4:53 Chiều

Millennial millionaires! I plan to do a course before the end of year but for now just focused on my YouTube content.

Carmeun TV 29/01/2022 - 4:53 Chiều

Thanks jade and you finally got ads now (I watched them) congrats

Tony - Persuasion Secrets 29/01/2022 - 4:53 Chiều

Ohh I want your course to grow fast on YouTube! Can’t wait, Jade!

debt free France 29/01/2022 - 4:53 Chiều

Yes another great way for a source of income! Great job Jade!

Planet Psych 29/01/2022 - 4:53 Chiều

You have such great videos Jade. I saw you when you were under 1000 and am so happy to see your growth! You're an inspiration!

Mr. Money 29/01/2022 - 4:53 Chiều

Wow very amazing content! I too upload similar VIDS 😉

Share Of Money - Make Money Online 29/01/2022 - 4:53 Chiều

Awesome video and great content! #onlinecourses#

Influencer Unchained - Digital Entrepreneurship 29/01/2022 - 4:53 Chiều

Great video! I personally like Google Slides for making my slides (there are templates from Slidejoy) but Canva looks like a good alternative, especially with pro! Thanks for sharing!

Generation X-Man 29/01/2022 - 4:53 Chiều

As always very informative Jade…I'm still watching!

EZee Media 29/01/2022 - 4:53 Chiều

Thanks for sharing this

The B Hayes Show 29/01/2022 - 4:53 Chiều

B Hayes in the building 💪🏾

CMY Cahyo Mulyo 29/01/2022 - 4:53 Chiều

Waw i love this

andrew tang 29/01/2022 - 4:53 Chiều

oh akkapda! Im late

Haris King - Crypto Entertainment 29/01/2022 - 4:53 Chiều

Sounds like Jade's going to complete that million dollar challenge in no time! 🙌🙌🙌


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