Fusion – Engineering The Future Documentary technology documentary

by alsaCEMusic

It is the best innovative test at any point attempted by humanity. The mission to create a definitive energy arrangement… Fusion. It’s been called ‘packaging a star however so colossal are the difficulties, the objective of a force creating combination reactor has so far stayed tricky and far off… .as of not long ago. .

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Fusion – Engineering The Future Documentary

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Fusion – Engineering The Future Documentary
technology documentary
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Angel 28/12/2021 - 4:13 Chiều

37:07 thought that was a cyborg for a sec

SunriseFestival 28/12/2021 - 4:13 Chiều

If you don't take the vaciene ITER will create a black hole which gonna swallow the earth.

Intellectual Dumbbell 28/12/2021 - 4:13 Chiều

for 40 years I have heard about Fusion energy but we still have not figured out how to solve it.
Ai might be able to help figure out how it should work.

A Ddas 28/12/2021 - 4:13 Chiều

Amazing documentary…the best one i've seen so far about ITER.

Jyotirmoy Mallick 28/12/2021 - 4:13 Chiều

What a channel that makes real from of Fundamental Plasma Physics research in Tokamak . But alas no views. May be it's because of no inclusiveness in Science Education and research any more . Give chance for a large no of students and Researchers to study the phenomenon as well .

Chris Hutson 28/12/2021 - 4:13 Chiều

40:30 Now, imagine if this shrimp had been hunted until extinction or suffered habitat loss before this guy was born? I have no doubt whatsoever that there are organisms who are completely gone due to human activity that would have otherwise offered inspiration for some human endeavor be it some sort of useful compound for pharmacology, a physical design for civil engineering or this, which I never imagined possible. How ironic and how sad if we burnt fossil fuels to the point that we unknowingly killed off an organism that was going to inspire a feasible fusion reactor decades later.

Chris Hutson 28/12/2021 - 4:13 Chiều

Elon, Dr Evil and the Virgin guy should build a working fusion reactor long before going to space. I bet those 3 get this knocked in 5 years a decade tops.

Chris Hutson 28/12/2021 - 4:13 Chiều

20:55 This part spoke to me, how the company that produces the superconducting magnets took over factory space that was being used to produce dish washers. The magnet company had to take on the work force they were displacing (the dish washer assemblers) the part I found so awesome was that it took only 2 years to bring this work force completely up to speed and that they seem to have a motivation about them that comes from the knowledge they have that this technology could literally save the planet. Most people need only their children's future to roll out of bed and on to work, imagine that AND this kinda thing.

Mash Rien 28/12/2021 - 4:13 Chiều

Yaas! This is almost as good as Sir David Attenborough narrating 😀

Mash Rien 28/12/2021 - 4:13 Chiều

38:58 "By 20,000 and 25" Wow, I slept a lot longer than I thought, the year is 20,025 already?!

Liam Williamson 28/12/2021 - 4:13 Chiều

Chernobyl all over again..I thought CERN was bad.🤔 stop playing God humans

see you later 28/12/2021 - 4:13 Chiều

30:00 no audio until ( few minutes no audio)

noname 28/12/2021 - 4:13 Chiều

but.. we already have a super clean powerful and environmently friendly power plants all over..(??)
they said same crap years ago.. energy will so cheap (from atom) that it will not be worth to sell it… so cheap….

Stan Sandu 28/12/2021 - 4:13 Chiều

Stan Sandu


     From the Fundamental Principles of Democritus, atomist from antiquity: 470 … 380 BC. we find out: "Nothing is born of nothing; nothing that exists can not be destroyed and any transformation consists of a reunion and a separation. Nothing is accidental, everything happens because of a cause and a need. Except ATOMS and ETHER, everything else is just reasoning and there is none. Atoms that are infinite in number and shape give birth to the visible world through their movements and collisions and the rotations that arise from this cause. The difference between objects depends only by the difference between the number, the shape and the order of the atoms from which the objects are made, and there is no other qualitative difference between atoms, which act between them only through possession and collisions. The SPIRIT as the ETER is made up of small, spherical, highly mobile atoms, whose atoms are the phenomenon of life! ” Where did the Democrit atomist know about the constitution of matter 2400 years ago? 

In the communications of the higher spirits and of the angels in the book: "From the mysteries of life and the universe", Professor Scarlat Demetrescu (from 1939) tells us: "The spirit is not impressed neither hot nor cold, he can stand at the most alive fire, without suffering, because its ethereal coat does not undergo any change. The creative father created the spirits so he could live at any temperature, from the lowest to the highest. ”

      Also the celestial sources, we are told that the whole Cosmos like the Infinite are filled with a dense powder of living electrogenic etheric particles, and between them act other streams of particles and smaller, particles of the attraction of the gravitational field. Who created these living particles in Infinity? This is the mystery of mysteries! What a wonderful thing if it moves inside it and thinks, feels and wills, because an electric current is always flowing through the interior matter of a particle in Infinity. The living particles in the Infinite area reach the Cosmos area and the four universes. Thus the universal ether is a mass of small living bodies, living particles, that would enter in a microbe of yours (space brothers tell us) with hundreds of thousands.

These living particles, particles not seen by us, particles of cosmic ether, are composed of three kinds of living particles; in which some have INTELLIGENCE (1%); others have little intelligence and a lot of MEMORY (9%); and most have WILL (90%). The higher spirits of God can combine these living particles, and they can obtain different small bodies, like invisible MICROCYCLES that can perform certain functions. Thus the LIFE in any seen or unseen being comes and manifests through these living particles of the etheric and spiritual matters. Today we do not know well what functional characteristics some etheric materials have, such as: electric current, magnetic field and electromagnetic field, with which man has been working for a long time!

In the ITER installation there is a thickness of 60cm vacuum vessel and 80cm lithium blanket thickness, totaling 1.4m. That is, 1.4m distance from the electrical conductor of the coils to the area with thermonuclear plasma. In the magnet system of ITER, coils are used in which a high intensity electric current flows, a CONSTANT current for the coils in the toroidal system and a VARIABLE current for the poloidal coils and the central solenoid.

On November 24, 1831 Michael Faraday discovers the ELECTROMAGNETIC INDUCTION: a phenomenon by which a voltage, an electric current appears in a circuit crossed by a variable magnetic field flux. Thus Faraday establishes the law that links electricity to magnetism and motion; is also the day when he presented to the English Royal Society the first DINAM, an electricity source, as well as the first electric TRANSFORMER, as applications of electromagnetic induction.    

The intensity of the magnetic field outside the electric conductor is proportional to the intensity of the electric current through the conductor and decreases with the distance from that conductor. The magnetic field is only around and inside the coil, at a maximum of 20 … 40cm from the conductor of the coils and not at distances of the order of meters.

In electric motors, the substance of electricity (the electric ether) in the network will establish a torque between the inductive magnetic field and the induced magnetic field, which will rotate the motor's rotor but will also produce heat resulting from the confrontation between the inductive and induced magnetic particles. Also, when heating metal bars, for hot deformation, medium frequency currents of 8000 Hz are used. The electrical installation creates an alternating magnetic field around the metal bar that induces turbulent currents inside the metal bar that create an opposite magnetic field. From the struggle and the combination of the particles of the inductive and induced magnetic field results the heat and light that will heat the metal bar to 1000 degrees Celsius in 10 … 15 seconds.

       From a theoretical point of view, the emission and the displacement in space of a strong electromagnetic field flux is affirmed from the year 1860 by J.C.Maxwell who said: "An electromagnetic radiation results not only by the variation of the fields, but also at constant field, when it varies in time. either the electrical permittivity of the environment, or the magnetic permeability, or both ”. But in the case of the Sun we have a practical certainty. The sun is high and it has certain conditions for the thermonuclear reaction, and we improperly say that it is naturally self-controlled. But after the study done and the data from the researches and observations on the Sun I am now sure, that the Sun was also CREATED properly for to unfold the thermonuclear reaction, and is permanently SUPERVISED by the creator heavenly beings!

It does not happen the sun, to have a strong electromagnetic trap, it does not happen to have a rotational motion of the plasma mass perpendicular to the field of the electromagnetic trap, and emits continuously electric energy = electric ether in space, very necessary for all life in the solar system, almost like a mognetohydrodynamic generator. The solar magnetosphere that cloaks the incandescent solar mass and go billions of miles into space and returns to the top again, and coats the incandescent solar mass again, allowing not to scatter in space!

     What can be said about the current magnetic traps of the Tokamak and stelator installations? Theoretically, the shape of the installations has only an apparent justification, but to function as a controlled thermonuclear installation it is IMPOSSIBLE, because the effect of the magnetic field produced by all types of coils installed is almost completely blocked. We must not seek in vain for physical-chemical (metallic) materials, but to use the etheric materials correctly, that is to say we use the magnetic field and the electromagnetic field correctly, as in the case of the Sun!

Stan Sandu 28/12/2021 - 4:13 Chiều

Stan Sandu

        How can God give us freedom to know some very important but also dangerous things, for example to the controlled thermonuclear reaction if we as a humanity lack a moral, spiritual, intellectual and scientific education?

       For example, one hundred years have passed since it was discovered that there is much hydrogen and helium in the Sun, and it was concluded that a controlled thermonuclear reaction occurs in the Sun. And for 70 years, humans have begun to build different devices or plants to make a thermonuclear fusion reaction like in the Sun. But since the late nineteenth century, human science began to be blocked because scientists, over to nickname, have misinterpreted, without reason, certain practical experiments and issued wrong laws and principles that contradict the good laws developed on the basis of practical experiments. , logical and rational.

Today, most scientists have an intellectual basis, linked to standardized theory. They believe scientists because they have learned some books with standardized theories. These people cannot know the matter in its depth, with the seen and the unseen, because Albert Einstein in 1905 with his theory of relativity told them that the ETER – respectively the etheric matter does not exist. If there were no etheric matter then, they may believe that there is no spiritual matter, and they do not want to know anything about the heavenly worlds that live with us on and around the planet Earth.

   I, as an engineer, believe in my opinion, but also of many researchers in the field of underground soil richness, that all MATERIAL RESOURCES: coal, oil, methane gas, all minerals, do not come from a mineral or vegetable and animal source, but have they were simply created and planted or buried, or introduced into the earth's soil by our "extraterrestrial" brethren.

The termination of material resources – said and natural – actually expresses a time, a period, in which our humanity must reach a certain LEVEL of scientific and technological DEVELOPMENT: such as mastering the controlled thermonuclear reaction, as the greatest source of inexhaustible energy. We must not fight among ourselves, as in the jungle, but try to awaken ourselves in the knowledge of things, to move on to the heavenly science of our creators: God and the extraterrestrial worlds.

     Until now, no such information was published, but it is now in the news. Every year incursions of O.Z.N.'s (heavenly ships) take place above the silos with nuclear weapons. That is, aliens deactivate our nuclear weapons for over 60 years, weapons 20 meters below the ground. When an O.Z.N. in the air above the silo and sends a red ray to the ground, on the launch screens it appears: "No gou!" And the Americans and the Russians have declared these incidents. We as a humanity have developed ourselves militarily, but not at the high level of the extraterrestrial entities that supervise us! 

That is why, not coincidentally, in 1985, presidents Mihail Gorbachev and Ronald Regan met and decided to build several ITER = International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor, as an international scientific collaboration between the peoples of the earth's world. Researches in the field of controlled thermonuclear fusion have been carried out for over 60 years, there are many installations of many kinds, and over time I have studied them, and I have come to the conclusion that controlled thermonuclear fusion can be achieved, but not after the models presented on the Internet. We can make an installation: according to the operating model of the Sun; after the description made by the patriarch ENOH in his book and after the outline of the device for the production and emission of the magnetic field flux, a sketch that is on the tombstone of Palenque – Mexico.

I'm talking about Patriarch Enoch, who was very little quoted in the Bible, but he talks a lot in his book, describing everything the angels showed him in heaven, how the heavenly world works and about us people. But the Book of Enoch was considered APOCRIFY (that says too many real and clear things) and thus the Bible was covered with a great deal of information. In the Book of Enoch chapter 68, the patriarch Enoch being in a celestial ship, which gravitates around the Earth, the angels show him more things from heaven and Earth but also show him the camps of all stars and all the lights".

    In the south of France at Cadarache (near Nice), the experimental energy source is being built: the 42-hectare ITER, and in 2018 the construction was completed in half. If we surround the participants in the construction: Japan, China, Korea, India, Russia, the European Union, the United States of America and others, we notice that we are on the path of globalization. After about 200 Tokamak-type installations, with Laser and other types built over the last 60 years, NO ONE HAS WORKED, and then I think that what is being built now will not work with the model it is running, and with the technology used.

The notion of: "FIRE", .. flames of fire, tongues of fire, living fire, circle of fire, vivid of fire, circle of fire burning in the four corners and ascending like rivers of living fire, all these refer to the electromagnetic field beam of the magnetic trap, which surrounds the installation and enters the thermonuclear combustion chamber again to powerfully space the thermonuclear plasma sphere of the reaction. In the heavenly ship Enoh believes that he is shown a wonderful divine vision, and he describes without knowing exactly what he describes, that energy installation, clearly seeing the unfolding of the thermonuclear reaction in the middle of that light, and in addition seeing the path of the electromagnetic fluxes of the magnetic trap. , inside and outside the thermonuclear combustion chamber.

    Two spherical halves joined in the middle form the spherical chamber of thermonuclear combustion. I made the sketches from 2012, I gave them on the Internet, but few noticed them. I think this will look like the first controlled thermonuclear reactor installation, and we should call it: "ENOH-PACAL model controlled thermonuclear reactor!" This is a standard model for future energy installations, which will give us electricity for all our installations. industrial and domestic.

I did some 40 years ago an attempt to make a device for the production and emission of a strong electromagnetic field flux, I saw that "something moved", but I did not have the control devices and the necessary electrical current . Then my limited possibilities did not stop. But today, when we see clearly the rapid depletion of fossil fuels, and the long questionable construction of ITER, I try by those exposed to participate as much as possible in the realization of the controlled thermonuclear fusion with the project of a simple and fast to build facility.

     With a team of 50 people with manufacturing experience: 20 engineers, and 30 skilled workers, you can do a working group within the ITER site, in a work area of ​​approximately 800 square meters, powered by existing utilities: electricity, cryogenics, vacuum installation, verification equipment, and with a financial fund of ten million euros, I think that one year can be obtained from starting the necessary results to build a controlled thermonuclear fusion plant for marketing that directly produces electricity without steam and turbines, without switch of heat.

Stan Sandu 28/12/2021 - 4:13 Chiều

Stan Sandu

About the UNIFIED LAW! Part 2/2.

The electrical ether – for example- proceed from magnetic field from atoms, eliminated in following combination of the deuterium with tritium in helium. The eliminated magnetic field it decompose in particles of electrical ether in chamber of thermonuclear reaction. Any chemical combination eliminate this electrical ether. But at the chemical combination the chemical elements which participate at reaction can not to be magnetic isolated because they it combine before to be ionized.

As following of the thermonuclear reaction from Sun, the Sun is a giant powerstation of electromagnetic energy, a powerfull source of electricity which keep up the life of every where from his planetary system. This electrical ether which come from Sun, we gather him with our electrical generators and drive our industry.

D.I.Mendeleev had shown that we can not conceive without motion even the smallest matter particle. It says about radiations , but about atoms and molecules that they have a vibration frequency of approximate 10 at 13…10 at 15 what means that these are turning arround theirs self axes with 10 at 13…10 at 15 rotations on second proofing the existence of a continuous inertial motion in matter.

How the solidification begins from external it would resultated that in the central zone at any underatomic particles would remained continuously a primary matter mass, more viscous, aproximately magnetic mass, so that to the shown rotations the free underatomics particles, or in the atom*s frame, to take out in space matter from the central zone, but on which to it recover continuously for maintaining the them integrity.

The external*s particle by friction with the medium became a spherical surface, and in the inner share continous the crystallisation it will obtain a uniformly waved surface, with helicoidal channels disposed around his axis. Thus the approximately magnetic matter from the central zone can get out only a certain extremity, evolving around the particle or farther away in space from where it turns by the other extremity of the particle.

The inertial movement working of the underatomic particles and the atoms as whole permits them to compare with the powerful ASPIRATORS which absorbs, but its emits too matter under the form of field*s particle. Thus, two interaction bodies it creates between them a magnetic depresion what constitute the attraction force between bodies. The permanent existence of the materials fieldes make us sure of the fact of the matter is outside from the bodies too, giving the interaction between them.

About the ethereal physics and ethereal chemistry we spoke a little, for to argue the unified law to him Newton, I shal cite directly from the communuications of the spatial men, from the work : ”From the life*s mysteries and of the Universe”, to the profesor Scarlat Demetrescu, published first time in 1939.

”An electrical current circulate forever through the internal matter of the particle from Infinte. Grace of this inner electrical current, the particle is living, has life through self herself. Because the motion of inertial rotation of the particle, it born in the her interior electromagnetism. The electromagnetic circuit can be at interior or can be and outside. He can be positive or negative. The internal motion will give birth to an electromagnetic field emited in outside. This emission constitute the matter of the electromagnetic field which circulate among particles”.

”The living particle from the zone of the Infinte overtake in the zone of the Cosmos and of the universes. Thus the universal ether is a mass of living particles, of small living bodies, that can enter in one microbe of your with handreds of thousands. These living particles are in a continuously motion through them nature – being electrical – produces electrical energy. That is why it named electrogenic particles.

In the zone collisions and explosion starry, from the primary matter – matter under electrical field, magnetic field and radiations form, it begins to form the underatomic particles; first the electron which remain as crystallisation nucleus definitized on him the neutron, which at that time when becomes free is transformed in proton and electron, respective in atoms of hydrogen, giving immenses hydrogen clouds what finds on the stary cataclysms place.

Gravity: born, inseparable and essential the matter, is produced by a cause which acts constantly in the matter particles. All three principles of Dynamics: 1). the principle of inertia; 2). the principle of proportionality acceleration with force; and 3). the principle of the action and reaction; all are the essential elements of the universal attraction law, law which in essence is a law of the inertial masses in movement.

The INERTIAL MOVE from matter produce the gravitational field, and the gravity with her particles ties the macrocosmos with microcosmos and influenced all what exists siting thus at the general existence basis. The UNIFIED LAW of matter*s forces I can say with certainty that it exists from some hundred years and is Newton*s universal attraction law.

The UNIVERSAL ATTRACTION LAW it applay identicallly to the movement the atoms of the ethereal matters, identically to the movement the atoms of the chemical elements, identically to the movement the planets and stars of one galaxy, because any body of any dimension possess a mass and thus is subdued the newtonian forces of interaction.

The UNIFIED LAW is the LAW of the UNIVERSAL ATTRACTION FORCES = of the GRAVITATIONAL INTERACTION FORCES = of the ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD FORCES produced by the inner movement of the inertial rotation of the ethereal matter from bodies and substances. This, because, the ethereal particles are continuous movement through the them nature, being electrical – produce electrical energy, being named and electrogenic particles.

The universal attraction law of the Newton is the UNIFIED LAW because all those three fundamental interactions: the nuclear interaction, the electromagnetic (electron-proton) interaction and the gravitational interaction are interactions produced through the ethereal matter, what bind the clasical physics with the good part of the modern physics, but it bind and the ETHEREAL PHYSICS.

Isaac Newton establishes the basic notion of classical mechanics, proved the universal attraction law and put base of the celestial mechanics. Newton had affirmed THAT IT HASN*T EXIST NATURAL PROCESS who HASN*T produced BY ATTRACTION and REPULSION ACTIVE FORCES which REGULATES the CELESTIAL BODIES MOVEMENT and the BODIES FALING down, that LEEDS the CHEMICAL and MECHANICAL PROCESSES, fact which makes that the universal attraction law acts in macrocosmos and as in microcosmos.

Thus, all the physics*s laws, chemistry*s laws and biology*s laws it can include and explain through this unified law of the electromagnetic field produced of inner movement of iunertial rotation of the matter from bodies and substances. The spacial brethren say us about Newton that: ”Newton is great saint with us in Sky!”

Now, were collided particles in LHC and you seen that is nothing: none Higgs boson, none Big Bang, neither black holes, but only thousands of shards of ethereal particles.Therefore now, return you physicists from your distraction, at Isaac Newton with his universal attraction law = THE UNIFIED LAW of the MATTERS and FORCES, at the eliminated ETHER by Einstein, at unseen world of ethereal and spiritual matters which fill up the Cosmos, and return you at the Lord- at God!

Stan Sandu 28/12/2021 - 4:13 Chiều

Stan Sandu

About the UNIFIED LAW! Part 1/2

To manage the construction and operation of the controlled thermonuclear reactor, we must revise our knowledge ETER*s removed from current science. The Eter is a material reality which represent 96% from the material mass of the Cosmos. All we see is just a state of concentrated eters ways. Electric current is an electrical eter and is not itself electrons. The electrons in an electrical conductor have only an intermediary role in electrical conduction. For magnetic trap, we the people need to work with the Ethereal matter of electromagnetic field; which withstands at millions of degrees!

A magnetic trap to dress and spatialized a thermonuclear plasma with millions of degrees has not been done on contemporary Earth humanity. In the case of the thermonuclear plasma, magnetic trap must have an ELECTROMAGNETIC field to evolve further into space from the source that creates, in order to surround a rigid wall and unpenetrable plasma globe with millions of degrees Celsius.

Broadcasting and movement in space of a powerful electromagnetic field flux is predicted theoretically, but there is manifested with all power in nature. For example, the Sun unfold temperatures of millions of degrees, and that noted specifically that there is a strong magnetosphere solar who dress tight the solar mass incandescent, goes into space billions of kilometers and returns and the top, and dressing again the solar incandescent mass.

From a theoretical stand-point, since 1860 J.C.Maxwell physicist says, as a electromagnetic radiation result not by varying fields, but and at the constant field, when varies the electrical permitivity, or magnetic permeability, or both. Surprisingly, the bottom of the scheme printed on the tombal stone of the King Pacal from Palenque- Mexico, is an electromagnetic reactiv motor, yet is a device that can produce and emit a strong electromagnetic field flux, the best for insulation and spatialized of the plasma, face of the walls of thermonuclear combustion chamber.

The texture of toroidal, poloidal or stellarator magnetic field is too rare for to a magnetic trap. The magnetic trap must let be one electromagnetic stratified wall with weaved at entrance and with disweaved at emergence. The electromagnetic wall of the magnetic trap is a wall with formation and continuous displacement.

Feeding a superconductive coil with an electrical current it obtain in the her round only a magnetic field. But disposing in the round of the superconductive coil a certain magnetic and dielectric pieces, it obtain the variation of the electrical permitivity and of the magnetic permeability, which will transform the magnetic field of the superconductive coil in electromagnetic field, which can evolve (go) more far away in space, without to close immediately the curl.

The model of thermonuclear controlled reactor proposed of myself – reproduces entirely the conditions from Sun. Viz: 1). Produce a globe of plasma and turned it with 800 m/s; 2).Ensure a magnetic trap with two electromagnetic crossed fields which dress and turn the globe of plasma; 3). Supply continuously with hydrogen in state of plasma and ensure the its confination. Moreover, makes possibly to direct gathering of the electrical current.

But in 1905, A.Einstein conclude that the ether hasn*t a correspondent in the reality. By excluding the ether Einstein*s Relativity deal prior with the geometrization of space and not with matter which fills this space.

The science has and history. In the Fundamental Principle of Democrit (470…380 BC) it show: ”From nothing nothing*s born; nothing that exist can not be destroyed and any transformation consists from a reunion and a separation. Nothing is hazardous, all it*s happening has a cause and a necessity. Out of atoms and ETHER, all rest is otherwise than rationament and do not exist. The SPIRIT as well as the ETHER consist of small and sferical atoms, very mobile, atoms that their movement form the phenomenon of LIFE”.

Today, on measure that the theory advances from clasic mechanics to the quantum mechanics the particle and wave are gradual dematerialize. The modern physics is blocked by enounciation of some laws and mistaken principles as: relativity theory; Hubble*s law; postulation that the atom can*t emit and absorb radiations continuously; admiting the postulate what claims the photons without mass a.s.o. These guide us at supernatural, and at the technical and technological blockage.

D.I.Mendeleev had shown through 1860: ”Studying the ether which penetrate in all the bodies and asking myself the question: from what is formed this ether*s mass, I had admitted the idea that theirs atoms, or his matter represent the primary matter, from which are formed all atoms. The existece to the one light mass, to the one light substance and less of chemical forces, is possibly but is even necessary”.

After Mendeleev*s opinion is possible and necessary the extension of periodical system for other size*s order – more small- of the ethereal matter particles. About the absolute vacuum space, M.Faraday had the certitude that it doesn*t exist, and exist only an incomplete vacuum whose spatial magnetic state is of the most importance for the natures phenomenons.

But the ETHER is a physical reality constituted from a very small matter, invisible for human eye, and is formed from atoms more small with 7…8 order of dimension than the atoms of the chemical elements. The matter of the ether penetrate in all the bodies and is the physical matter which fills both the interplanetary space and the interatomic space. The ether is a matter with mass and weigth, being subdued and she the action of the universal attraction law.

The REAL ELECTRIC LOAD is a particle of electrical ether more, more small than the electron, has and she a personal and rapid rotation, producing a personal magnetic field, which it gear with the magnetic field from the round of one electrical conductor. The ELECTRICAL FIELD is a field of particles of electrical ether, free and it move approximate in right line. The MAGNETIC FIELD from the round of one conductor is constituted forever from particles of the electrical ether, but magnetic coupled head at head and it move on a curve forming concentric circles in round to one conductor. The ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD is a combination of particles of electrical field and of curls of magnetic field, having property of the evolve in space.

The ELECTRICAL CURRENT consist in circulation in the round and in lengtways to one electrical conductor to the particles of electrical ether guided on the magnetic field from the round the electrical conductor. The gathering and the condensation of the particles of electrical ether it make with the help of the induction magnetic field when the electrical generator work. Here has place and the transformation a one part of particles of electrical ether in particles of the magnetic field from the round of the conductor.

The ACTUAL ELECTRICAL GENERATORS: galvanic elements and electrical accumulators; dynamos and alternators, thermoelements and photoelectric cell – transform NOTHING, but they only gather the electrical energy = the particle of the electrical ether which exist in metals, in the environing medium, in the thermic radiation or in the ray of light!

Stan Sandu 28/12/2021 - 4:13 Chiều

Stan Sandu

A short autobiography, to give you the confidence that in this life, up to 77 years old, in 2019, I have managed to accumulate a good general culture, to know and understand things in the seen and unseen world. I was born on October 29, 1943, in a family of peasants, neither rich nor poor, that is, with a house, with birds and animals in the yard, with a garden, with trees and a few hectares of field work. I did the primary school classes 1 … 4 in the village Lacu-Sarat near Braila, grades 5 … 7 in the commune of Chiscani, then the professional school for 3 years as a laminator worker in the city of Braila. The 4 high school classes 8 … 11 I did in the evening, I did a year and a half army.

I started working at the factory at 18 years and worked until I was 60 years. I did 6 years faculty in the evening at the specialty of the Technology Construction of Machines , and in the last 30 years until retirement in 2002 I worked as a technological engineer. Since 1967, I have been pursuing scientific research and scientific research in the world regarding the construction possibilities of a controlled thermonuclear reactor and I understood things as a participant in the research activities.

So what I'm telling you are things that almost 100 percent have been proven and researched. Because of this I have been drafting a project for the controlled thermonuclear reactor since the 1970s, I even submitted it as an invention in 1969, and in 1971 it was rejected. But over time I have improved it as a project, but after 2010, after taking a 3-year Theology course, I discovered that the scheme of the controlled thermonuclear reactor project corresponds to the description of Patriarch Enoch in the "Book of Enoch" ”Chapter 68. And the device for producing and propagating a strong electromagnetic flux, indispensable for the creation and operation of the magnetic trap in the reactor, coincides with the diagram on the tombstone of Pacal from Palenque-Mexico.

I understand that the projects of controlled thermonuclear reactor proposed and realized in the world during the last 60 years of type: tokamak, stelerator, laser and many other types, have nothing to do with the working model of the Sun, and analyzing their constructive problems. and of the operating technology, we understand that these so-called controlled fusion reactors are worse than nuclear fission reactors, and let's see some very difficult problems.

1). The internal surface of the nuclear combustion chamber in a Tokamak or a stelator is directly exposed to millions of degrees plasma, that is to the flux of radiation and heat that melts and erodes the internal surface of the combustion chamber, which must be replaced by more. many times during the life of the reactor. But this internal surface of the combustion chamber is also linked to the lithium blanket (tritium breeder), which, though, must be irradiated with neutrons from the plasma. This results in the irradiation of all components, their deterioration, and their maintenance and replacement must be done with robots by manipulating them from a distance.

2). Tritium is radioactive, the half-life is 12.3 years, and the lithium blanket must be one meter thick. Tritium is difficult to maintain, can penetrate concrete, rubber and some types of steel. It turns out that deuterium-tritium technology is not good, and the power plant would work INTERMITENTLY, and it is difficult to protect against radiation: coils that produce the magnetic field, diagnostic and control equipment, humans and the environment. So far, the technology of tritium production has been made only by computer modeling without experimental data.

3) .The superconducting magnets are INEFFICIENT allowing the fusion plasma instability. The superconducting coils produce a magnetic field only around the coil, and the distance to the thermonuclear plasma area is about 1.5 meters, due to the thickness of the vacuum vessel, due to the lithium blanket of one meter thick (lithium blanket) and plus the coil housing that produces the magnetic field. The only reasonable RECIPIENT for a plasma with millions of degrees is an electromagnetic field in continuous circulation stratified and interwoven as a rigid and mobile wall. Let us not forget that the Sun has a strong electromagnetic trap, that otherwise the solar radiation from the nuclear fusion of the Sun would have spread throughout the solar system and the Sun would have gone out.

4). Plasma neutrons degrade the structures, and molten lithium is at risk of fire and explosion. Bombardment with fusion neutrons removes atoms from their structural positions, making them radioactive and weakening the structure that must be replaced periodically and "buried" for several decades. Biological screening is also required when the reactor is not running. Remote handling equipment and robots are required. There will be extended downtime for repairs, even minor repairs.

5). At the fission reactors 500 people are hired in four weekly shifts (permanently), and at a fusion reactor 1000 people should be employed. The harsh realities of thermonuclear fusion with such installations and technologies: tokamak, stellerator and laser deny the praise of fusion supporters with: unlimited, clean, safe and cheap energy!

6). Plasma fusion combines three parameters: temperature, particle density and time, which at certain values start the reaction and self-maintain, and in the case of the tokamak or the stellerator, respectively, the particle density is extremely low. If we don't have particle density, we don't have a magnetic trap, then we don't have nuclear fusion. We must not forget that even in a hydrogen bomb, there is first a fission reaction produced by a small atomic bomb to heat the hydrogen bomb's contents to the temperature required for fusion and at the same time provide the required particle density. So in our controlled fusion, we must ensure the strictly necessary: temperature, concentration and duration.

There are many SCIENTIFIC and TECHNICAL OBSTACLES! The sun works easily because it has good technology and a powerful electromagnetic trap. All studies show that the stars are composed almost entirely of hydrogen and helium (92% hydrogen and 7.8% helium). And the surface temperatures of the observed stars decrease with the decrease of the solar mass, some reaching 2900 Kelvin degrees. Which shows that at a smaller fusion reactor with a spherical combustion chamber the fusion temperature will be lower.

There are too many orders and many coincidences in the workings of the stars, that we must believe that the stars are created and overseen as artificial bodies of God with His angels and His extraterrestrial people, as the Patriarch Enoch tells us in his book. Current fusion facilities are just projects that cannot be connected to the mains to provide electricity. These installations have only worked for a second or a little longer, while a fusion power station must operate continuously all the time!

In order to make it less difficult to make a compatible fusion reactor, we must really understand what MATERIAL and ENERGY is, what is the MAGNETIC FIELD and the ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD, so that we can re-engineer an appropriate magnetic trap, without modeling on the computer with data. theoretical. We must understand that nuclear fusion is not just a source of heat, but that it TRANSFORMS a part of the mass into a certain form of energy, according to the relation in which the Energy (E) equals the mass (m) multiplied by the speed of light at square.

But be careful! Missing mass as a result of fusion, we say that it is transformed into energy, which is in fact the ELECTRIC ETER, also a material mass with other characteristics, with energy particles many thousands times smaller than electrons. We collect these particles of electric ether with the electric generators and they hand us the domestic and industrial electrical equipment.

These particles of electric ether, if they bond to one another, can form a portion of a magnetic field, respectively a bond between certain particles. And with this electric and magnetic ether, certain actions can be performed. Because of this, magnetic fields can be transformed into electromagnetic fields that can move in space, and which in between can space thermonuclear plasma, which is not yet a completely decomposed matter.

The condensed ether particles form the seen matter: protons, neutrons and electrons, which in turn when they form a visible body no longer manifest their electric field or magnetic field as in the component ether particles. The path to a fusion power plant is through the reaction of the proton-proton and deuterium-deuterium respectively.

Stan Sandu 28/12/2021 - 4:13 Chiều

Stan Sandu

The FIRST controlled thermonuclear REACTOR type ENOCH -PACAL, after the UNIFIED LAW!

Bernard Bigot -Director General of ITER, in March 15, 2018 says: ”We have not a long-term option, for energy. If we do not find an option, we will have big problems.I am almost 70 years, I will not live to see the benefits of the fusion, but we*ll you get there. It is my duty to bring together some of the large chain parts delivery”. Thus, January 30, 2019 ITER Council renewed the mandate of the ITER director general until 2025.

Russian President Vladimir Putin on July 10, 2019 calls for international cooperation in the domain of thermonuclear fusion energy to unleash the potential of humanity because it is impossible and useless to try to stop human progress. Mechanical engineering Professor Eugen Schuster, an expert in nuclear fusion plasma control in 2019 says: ”..nuclear fusion reactors do not produce energy. Experiment on tokamaks sites worldwide are focused on the study of plasma physics”.

Christian Hill Head of atomic and molecular data to IAEA ( International Atomic Energy Agency) said: ”that obtaining a high temperature in a reactor is one of the conditions for the fusion to take place. At temperatures of millions of degrees matter exists only as a plasma to be limited by a magnetic field not to damage the walls of the reactor, otherwise candidate materials for use in fusion reactors are tungsten, berillium and steel”.

At FISSION – large chemical elements we divide, and items arising are lighter than when they were together. This difference in weight is converted into energy. At FUSION – light chemical elements come together, and when united are lighter and can extract the difference in weight, as well as energy. It follows that it actually a matter is of concentrated energy. We consider the magnetic field usually just energy. But in fact, a magnetic field is all the time a matter with other properties – an ethereal matter, which may constitute a boundary between a plasma with millions degrees and solid wall of the thermonuclear chamber.

After the mode of organisation of the ITER, each participating nation has access to all data and all the technologies involved, without having to pay royalties on patents. Thus the ITER is a scientific and technological experiment with the opportunity to learn how to cooperate and develop project manajement with other cultures. Controlled nuclear fusion and plasma physics currently operates in more than 50 countries to demonstrate the scientific feasibility of fusion as an energy source.

After approximately 200 installations type: tokamaks; with laser, and many other models are built in the last 60 years, NONE product the fusion and think it will not the model ITER being in construction. I understand it can achive an operating installation: after the model of the operation of the Sun; after the description given by Patriarch Enoch in the his Book; and after the sketch of the device for production and emission of the flow of electromagnetic field, sketch which it find in the bottom of the scheme printed on the tombal stone of the King Pacal from Palenque- Mexic.

For learning and understanding comercial thermonuclear fusion phenomenon that directly produce the electricity, it can, as in the same ITER space: land and buildings, including construction tokamak mount, can be installed and thermonuclear controlled reactor type ENOCH -PACAL, having at hand all utilities: electricity, cryogenics, vacuum systems, equipment of control and monitoring, and more others

. In the Book of Enoch chapter 68, the patriarch Enoch being in a heavenly ship, the Angels also show: ”the camps of the stars and all the lights”, these 6350 years ago, and Enoch says: ”and I Enoch was in the heaven and there I saw in the core of that light, something like a HOUSE raised from slabs of ICE( thermonuclear combustion chamber), and among the pieces of ice were LIVE FIRE – FLAMES ( electromagnetic field fluxes of the magnetic trap). And my spirit saw a CIRCLE of FIRE that surrounds the house, from the four corners of it to fire those living rivers that surrounded the house”.

The notions of ”FIRE”, streams of live fire, flames, circle of fire burning in the four corners and climbing as streams of live fire, or flaming fire live, all these relate to bundles of the electromagnetic field flux of the magnetic trap, which around and get back in thermonuclear combustion chamber, to spatialized plasma and go out again through the central part. In the heavenly ship Enoch believes the his it show a divine vision, and he describe without knowing what he describes, – a controlled thermonuclear reactor, with spherical chamber of thermonuclear combustion.

I understand that him Enoch was shown only at the top part of the thermonuclear combustion chamber, whose principal axis was vertical namely: 1). The core of light is the center of the combustion chamber; 2). The carcase of the chamber, seem made of slabs of ice, for the installation work to -270 degrees Celsius; 3).In inside sparkled and moved languages flaming fire alive, that is flows electromagnetic of the magnetic trap which tighten and turn plasma into combustion chamber; 4).A CIRCLE of FIRE surrounding with fire, circle formed from electromagnetic flux of the magnetic trap, and at the four corners of the circle of fire are lifted up to the top of the chamber by entering in the device for producing and transmitting, the flux becoming stronger and entering again into the combustion chamber, and forming the continuous circulation of the magnetic trap.

Two spherical halves joined in the midle ( maximum diameter), form the spherical chamber of thermonuclear combustion. I think so that will look the first installation controlled thermonuclear reactor, and sould call it Reactor thermonuclear controlled ENOCH -PACAL model! This as a standard model for future power plants that will give us electrical current for all our domestic and industrial installations.

In a video ”Anty- GRAVITY PROJECT” of Jeff Lucas Astrophotographer, published on October 27, 2018, the man explained that he managed to alter magnetic field of the coil with intervening components: a permanent magnet and some dielectrics. After he managed to modify the electrical permitivity and magnetc permeability around of the coil and thus the magnetic field around coil it turned in electromagnetic field, which is able to move further into space as radiation, to cancel the radiation of gravitational attraction.

He deserves the Nobel Prize for two reason: 1). Demonstrate that a stream of electromagnetic field can propagate in space as a reactive propulsion force showing possible operating reactive electromagnetic motor; as the scheme is printed on the tomb stone of Pacal from Palenque- Mexico and 2). This reactive electromagnetic motor which converts the magnetic field in the electromagnetic field, is the best device for producing a magnetic trap interior, which spatialized, to press and to confine the plasma thermonuclear, the facility ITER = international thermonuclear experimental reactor with spherical chamber, as described in the book of Enoch chapter 68.


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