Can Chemical Recycling Solve The World's Plastic Problem? technology to life replicating the waste

by alsaCEMusic

Plastics recycling is failing, and the plastics industry is betting big on a technology called chemical recycling to save it. This tech can supposedly convert any type of used plastic into plastic that’s as good as new. But skepticism abounds.

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Can Chemical Recycling Solve The World’s Plastic Problem? .

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Can Chemical Recycling Solve The World's Plastic Problem?

Can Chemical Recycling Solve The World's Plastic Problem?

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#Chemical #Recycling #Solve #World39s #Plastic #Problem
Can Chemical Recycling Solve The World's Plastic Problem?
technology to life replicating the waste
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Pyrus 22/12/2021 - 3:57 Chiều

you didn't answer anything. stop taking money from oil tycoons and provide meaningful solutions.

di. mythios 22/12/2021 - 3:57 Chiều

Oh yes you can recycle out of this problem but there is no will nor not enough profit from it from a business standpoint.

Gurpreet Singh 22/12/2021 - 3:57 Chiều

Why to recycle? I want to set up plasma Gasification power plant but have 0 dollor. Plasma Gasification is best way to turn into gas and by product is glass like stone which is used to make roads.

Jorge Posadas 22/12/2021 - 3:57 Chiều

There's ALWAYS critics on any new technology, don't worry layer down the line, they're the ones going we always u could do it, we were behind u all the way and imposing a tax, well that'll just trickle down to the customer.

nduna mgwenya 22/12/2021 - 3:57 Chiều

Let everyone have a shredder and a 3D printer at their houses ti make what ever they want

Jay ray 22/12/2021 - 3:57 Chiều

Recycling is a damn gimmick only. It eases your conscience. It takes the pressure off of plastics manufacturers. China will no longer accept and recycle this crap. Your recycled plastics are going in the nearby landfill or being incinerated. New, virgin plastic packaging from crude oil is cheap to manufacture and convenient to ship filled with product, but it is not sustainable.

ViKii Sku 22/12/2021 - 3:57 Chiều

Stopping the use of plastic would stop the plastic problem. It's not necessary to live, it needs to be illegal. It's only up to debate because those with money and power need plastic to keep themselves getting richer. Tons of small businesses need it to survive. IMO nothing that has to d with plastic should've ever existed, and consumerism really needs to end. I hope we can live in a solarpunk world in the future, but I really doubt it as companies (usually under the umbrella of larger corps that cause the issue to begin with) claiming to solve the issue don't want to solve them but make money from them under the guise of a solution, like when recycling and its bs system was created to keep companies going.
How about, instead of making plastics a cycle, you just use glass and go back to how the cycle once was? oh wait that didn't make as much profit for the companies so it's not being used now. But somehow this chemical repurposing bs that creates more fossil fuels and waste is a better solution? Probably because it makes someone very rich.

PARKER LEWIS 22/12/2021 - 3:57 Chiều

Glass containers with natural rubber or silicone containers

Andrew Planet 22/12/2021 - 3:57 Chiều

If economic growth is based on harnessing resources, this can only continue up to a certain point due to the finite surface area on planet Earth and its carrying capacity for the human species.

Evolving into a circular economy must bring along it with it a change of economics in the sense that to undertake aiming for as close to 100% recycling as possible, we must not think of it as more expensive even if extra monetary costs are attached to producers or consumers. An environment that is healthy for our and other species, some of which we totally directly depend on, comes first and it is therefore the adequate price, whatever it may be, and truthfully cheapest option when dealing with finite resources to achieve the latter. Instead of an ever increasing economic growth conception that arose due to the exploitation of virgin territories until humans productively encircled the Earth, because of its finite surface area growth ought to be in internal complexity.

We might be riding along on Spaceship Earth for a very long time in terms of millions if not billions of years, so internally in a technological and social sense, we will certainly evolve ways to improve our quality of life. We've had it easy on Earth. When we permanently colonize Mars, economic growth into virgin territories will be extremely harder for the foreseeable future. Human economics, in how we ascribe the importance of the quality of something so that's its of significant value to prioritize working on will be far more disciplined and socially inculcated.

On Earth a make, take and dispose linear economy attitude evolved as a result of there not being a need for any other behaviour so a circular economy was not even conceived of. An erstwhile industrial institutional inertia still keeps us blind to it. On Mars a circular economy will be a necessity or otherwise perish. A circular economy should merge seamlessly with nature so that industrial ecology and its sector ramifications become just other ecosystem services.

Shanmugam Natarajan 22/12/2021 - 3:57 Chiều

Great to know

Leslie Fish 22/12/2021 - 3:57 Chiều

What nobody mentions is that Earth's supply of petroleum is limited. EVentually all the oil in the ground will be used up, and then the only source will be oil made from recycled plastic. As for coal, we shouldn't be burning it in the first place; it's needed for chemical reactions, such as smelting iron. Besides, there are better recycling techniques than pyrolysis, such as catalytic depolymerization, which can also deal with organic contaminants. If the chemical recyclers can just hang on long enough, their products will be cheaper than "virgin" plastic.

Arturo O. 22/12/2021 - 3:57 Chiều

so… no insane idea of just gradually reducing plastic use perhaps?

Bob Huston 22/12/2021 - 3:57 Chiều

Make plastic fence post different non bearing lumber landscape timber’s plastic panels

Aidan Woodward 22/12/2021 - 3:57 Chiều

One word: upcycling

(As far I know)

Dominic Bouchier 22/12/2021 - 3:57 Chiều

How does it come down to financial economics when money is often created out of thin air?

J. C. 22/12/2021 - 3:57 Chiều

There's no one solution but many. When all the solutions work together we can solve the problem while we slowly decrease the use of consumer plastics for better biodegradable options. It takes a very long time to change from one older system to a new one. The US is still sending much it's plastic wastes to other countries just like Australia, UK, Germany, etc.

Samuel Anketell 22/12/2021 - 3:57 Chiều

Forget paying subsidies that feed rich companies with a reward for recycling, this just makes the problem more expensive for taxpayers. The consumer has handed over their money the company's are getting wealthy selling their crap in Virgin plastics because it's cheap. Make it law that they recycle or pay crippling taxes, think that's unfair? So is trashing the planet while getting rich doing it. Why drill for oil just to turn it into goddam rubbish it's disgusting behaviour and needs to stop, I don't want to leave my kids to live in a polluted rubbish dump because some greedy wankers were getting rich selling products in plastic bottles, bags and packets completely uninhibited with no responsibility for cleaning up their mess

Kalluri Subrahmanyam 22/12/2021 - 3:57 Chiều

Use Biodegradable Alternatives

Elf Andre 22/12/2021 - 3:57 Chiều

People go back to glass

FORD power 22/12/2021 - 3:57 Chiều



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