6 BEST Online Jobs For Students – Make $20 Per Hour Or More! make money online as a student

by alsaCEMusic

In this video, I cover 6 legit online jobs for students you can use to make money while in school. A lot of the student jobs in this video have an earning potential of $15 to $20+ per hour as well!

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The different online jobs for students I cover in this video include:

1️⃣ Social Media Manager

My friends and I have all worked as social media managers during our time in college (before I started working at a digital marketing agency). I think this is one of the best online student jobs since it can easily pay $1,000 to $2,000 per month if you have several clients. It also teaches you how to grow your own freelance business and network with business owners!

2️⃣ Microtask Websites

With microtask sites like Appen, you can complete short tasks and make extra money as a student. Jobs include tasks like search engine evaluation, video annotation, and transcription.

3️⃣ Sell Study Notes

Another awesome online job for students that’s also passive involves selling your study notes! With websites like Studypool, you can sell your existing study notes to other students in exchange for cash. Studypool also lets you make money as a tutor.

4️⃣ Freelance Writer

One of my favorite online jobs for college students is freelance writing. This is because freelance writing was how I made money as a student back in college, and it’s my main day job now! If you get enough clients, this is one of the highest paying online student jobs in my opinion.

5️⃣ Online Tutor

If you’re an expert in a certain subject, you can make money as an online tutor! Companies regularly hire tutors to help teach students, and hourly rates often reach $25 to $50 per hour or per student!

6️⃣ Online Business

I think one of the best online jobs for students is to simply start your own business. I tried a few businesses during school: dropshipping, print on demand, and digital marketing to name a few. But once I started a blog, I was able to make money every month while completing my degree and grow my blog into an income generating asset.

I hope this list of high-paying online jobs for students helps you figure out how to make money during your time in school!

0:00 – 0:42 Intro
0:43 – 3:25 Social Media Manager
3:26 – 5:02 Microtask Websites
5:03 – 7:26 Sell Your Notes
7:27 – 9:29 Freelance Writing
9:30 – 11:19 Online Tutor
11:20 – 13:07 Online Business
13:08 – 14:05 Wrapping Up

Do you have a favorite online student job or way you make money while in school? Let me know down below! 😊👇

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6 BEST Online Jobs For Students - Make $20 Per Hour Or More!

6 BEST Online Jobs For Students – Make $20 Per Hour Or More!

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6 BEST Online Jobs For Students – Make $20 Per Hour Or More!
make money online as a student
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Tom Blake 31/01/2022 - 3:44 Chiều

Hope everyone has a great day! 😀 if you have a favorite online job for students or awesome way to make money while in school, let me know! 👇

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