2 Companies Filed My H1B Visa At The Same Time But…! yudi j digital marketing

by alsaCEMusic

Part 1:
Part 2:
Timestamps –
00:00 – Introduction
00:26 – Intro Of Priyam
00:59 – Profile of Priyam
02:27 – Work Experience
03:03 – Why Digital Marketing
03:56 – What after deciding to go for Masters
04:37 – What Colleges Did You apply
06:09 – Why Did He choose a Non Stem Program
07:24 – What You learn in Marketing
08:10 – Assignments and Coursework
10:50 – Internships during Masters
13:08 – What’s The living cost in Tampa University
14:06 – How to reach recruiters
18:46 – How were the interviews
21:01 – How two companies filed for my H1B Visa
22:35 – What’s your tip for job search

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2 Companies Filed My H1B Visa At The Same Time But...!

2 Companies Filed My H1B Visa At The Same Time But…!

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#Companies #Filed #H1B #Visa #Time
2 Companies Filed My H1B Visa At The Same Time But…!
yudi j digital marketing
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GroovYum 29/12/2021 - 4:13 Chiều

Thank you guys for hearing me out. Feel free to connect with me on IG (@groovyum) as I plan to answer all the questions I have been receiving on my Insta stories soon.

Many thanks to Yudi for being awesome as usual!

Spunky Adonis Indian SAI 29/12/2021 - 4:13 Chiều

Bhai interview a MS in finance guy and their H1B opportunities in USA

Saideep Reddy 29/12/2021 - 4:13 Chiều

This is great it Started hope in me to do masters in future thanks yudi this story relates myself

Priya Gadhe 29/12/2021 - 4:13 Chiều

please make more such videos about non stem programs, marketing, management,etc about various universities , the scope of that field, course work etc

Priya Gadhe 29/12/2021 - 4:13 Chiều


Priya Gadhe 29/12/2021 - 4:13 Chiều


Priya Gadhe 29/12/2021 - 4:13 Chiều


Josh Fernandez 29/12/2021 - 4:13 Chiều

There is ms in marketing analytics and it is STEM,is it worth considering for a person who wants to get in marketing field in US ?

Shourov Goshwami 29/12/2021 - 4:13 Chiều

It is Master’s of Science in Marketing, right???
Can you please tell it is possible to do this prestigious course with Full Fundings or scholarship or TA???
THANKS a lot.

Sourav Pal 29/12/2021 - 4:13 Chiều

1 H1B filing at the time of studying and another 2 H1B filing after graduated. and 2 H1B picked up. So lucky. and the US the land of opportunity

1042 Lakshay Bansal 29/12/2021 - 4:13 Chiều

Can u do podcast who have done masters in accounting and finance???

Nikhil Lokhande 29/12/2021 - 4:13 Chiều

watch at 1.5x as always this channel

Rishitha Inturi 29/12/2021 - 4:13 Chiều

wooow thats such a lovely gesture it really helped

Ajit Kumar 29/12/2021 - 4:13 Chiều

What is the name of two companies who filling his h1b visa please reply me yudiji

LifeLemons 29/12/2021 - 4:13 Chiều

This is the clear example of H1B abuse. By applying multiple H1Bs , you increase your chances. But hey! Trump is coming again and priyam might be the last of the lot.

the seeker 29/12/2021 - 4:13 Chiều

Hi Yudi, I am planning for fall 2021 my main goal for masters is research in my domain. But with my current GRE prep and score I don't think I'll get into any of my ambitious universities.

Should I settle down for moderate and low uni's? where I'll be having a low chance to do research (as no professor there researches in my area of interest) and have to pave my own way into research by interning at companies i desire during MS?

Any suggestion is valuable. Thanks.

Tabassum Hebbalkar 29/12/2021 - 4:13 Chiều

This was sooo helpful.. Thank you Yudi!❤️

Mr. Smit tv 29/12/2021 - 4:13 Chiều

get well soon bro and please quarantine yourself even though the corona results are negative… i have heard that to keep the numbers down they are giving all results negative

Nikhil 29/12/2021 - 4:13 Chiều

I’m from RAIT and Instrumentation Department!!!

Rahul Bajaj 29/12/2021 - 4:13 Chiều

Yudi- Unless you are a GC/Citizen, regardless of the fact whether this YT channel is monetized or not, it is ILLEGAL for you to be working on this channel since it is not what you are authorized to do if you are on OPT or H-1B. I do not know about L-1 or other visas. This is because this is unauthorized ACTIVE work.

PASSIVE work – buying and holding stocks, renting out real estate through a real estate management firm – is allowed. Appearing on someone else's YT video is not considered work so Priyam is good.

ACTIVE work – Creating this channel, creating content for it, babysitting your mamu's daughter for free or someone else's dog for $ – is UNAUTHORIZED.

Trust me, I learnt this the hard way. Delete this channel or find a gori to marry ASAP. The USCIS/DHS WILL FIND OUT about this channel if/when you apply for a GC and reject you on the basis of performing unauthorized work.

Love Animals-01 29/12/2021 - 4:13 Chiều

Please unsubscribe from idiots like this and get your news from proper sources.

MSH 29/12/2021 - 4:13 Chiều

Thank you priyam 💐

Pankaj Shinde 29/12/2021 - 4:13 Chiều

Thank you Priyam, I am really not confident about my verbal section in GRE as I will be appearing for GRE maybe this month. Really worried. But I have 4+ yrs of xp (two companies) and 8.6 cgpa. Good to know that GRE is not a showstopper.😌😌

Partik Kumar 29/12/2021 - 4:13 Chiều

Bhai Civil engineering …!

Sardar Gurvinder singh 29/12/2021 - 4:13 Chiều

That's great..thank you so much one of the most important videos for me I come from marketing background.

waiting for the second part

Danish Rhkg3 29/12/2021 - 4:13 Chiều

god bless you bro you will be fine very soon just keep smiling and keep hustling


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